To The Quarry Return @ Zweitbester

To The Quarry Return Exhibition 1.12.2014–30.03.2015 Zweitbester Heumühlgasse 2 Vienna, Austria  
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Sleep Spindles @ We love 8bit

My work Sleep Spindles I & II will be part of the group exhibtion We Love 8bit Art Show. 01.06.-07.06.2013 BurnLab, Neubaugasse 44, 1070 Vienna Opening: Sat, 01.06.2013, 20h
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The House of Drift @ MAK Vienna

5.4.2013 – 21.4.2013 @ MAK Vienna Opening: Thu 4.4.2013, 19h   The House of Drift is an extensive installation project commissioned by sound:frame festival 2013, including cooperations with costume designers (Lisi Lang, Anita Steinwidder & co), architects (Gerald Moser & Christina Simmel), dancers (Sebastijan Geč & co) and photographer Andreas Waldschütz & co. Creative Direction, Concept & AV Creation by Depart (Leonhard Lass & Gregor Ladenhauf)   # Nothing can happen and it will. where strings remain and strains unchain I stripped myself to pieces I hollowed out what doubt left out and wrapped myself in creases weave high and dry Incense and rye collapse to boundless groundings immersed in flock a swaying clock a circle out of boundaries part of and produced by sound:frame festival 2013
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Cloud Chamber Diaries @ ACF New York

AGAINST THE SPECIALIST Austrian Cultural Forum NYC exhibition opening on Wednesday SEP 12 5pm-6pm artist talks 6pm-8pm opening reception 10pm afterparty, Le Poisson Rouge Our new work “Cloud Chamber Diaries” is part of the exhibiton “Against the Specialist” at the Austrian Cultural Forum NYC, alongside Konrad Becker, John Brill, Tina Franks / Florian Hecker, Robert Howsare, Rainer Kohlberger, Kurt Kren, Claudia Märzendorfer, Gerald Moser Cloud Chamber Diaries by Depart 2012 2 channel video installation, Full HD, 10’40” Camera: Andreas Waldschuetz, Hair & Make Up: Jasmin Simak, commissioned by ACFNY 1) that which is out of itself I thought aloud as a cloud could like thickets of light would erecting reflections and noticing not a thing. a thing which around itself settles into an opposite that has not been there before the thing has been there, although afterwards already seems like having existed before. Before I notice what sinks behind me, from where I can, but won’t look at it, it would seem quite deliberate, is not and moves on, or not, I know [before I notice]. What it takes is circles of circles, but what for is not entirely made clear from being held in a spot – a spot […]
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capture a moment monument (made for sound:frame) (photo credits and more)
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Δ Aurigæ @ sound:frame

Δ Aurigæ – A performance constellation produced by sound:frame AV & depart. Fri 25.03.2011, 20:45 & 23:00 Sa 26.03.2011, 21:00 & 22:00 @ sound:frame festival opening weekend Ottakringer Brauerei, Wien sound:frame schedule – o-O-orbiting the delta skelta In merry barycenter go-rounds. Let’s build a whole city of glass houses, only a stone’s throw away To regard the light night sky, dive drown Dissolving  vis-à-vis-viva equators In our monolitheral observatory. We will, we will… + some work in progress stone samples, delta on the rocks that is: Thanks to: sound:frame, Michael Grossauer & polypod, woei,  joreg & vvvv, leo & ben (Bildwerk), Pomme, Gerald Moser, Romana Kleewein sound:frame festival opening weekend
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Duprass, Group Exhibtion @ Galerie Pro Arte

Inga Liksaite & Caudia Rohrmoser, Shirin Winiger & Michael Hackl, Rainer Kohlberger & Herr Schobel, Leonhard Lass & Gregor Ladenhauf (Depart) curated by Herr Schobel Opening: 16.09.2010, 19.30h, Kunstraum pro arte Schöndorferplatz 5, A-5400 Hallein “A karas is a group of people you are linked to by fate throughout your life. This doesn’t include fake karases like Bayern Munich fans or Facebook friends, but people who repeatedly show up in your life for no apparent reason. A Dupras is the smallest form of a karas consisting of only two people” (nach Kurt Vonnegut / Cat´s cradle) kunstraum pro arte
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