The House of Drift @ MAK Vienna


5.4.2013 – 21.4.2013 @ MAK Vienna
Opening: Thu 4.4.2013, 19h


The House of Drift is an extensive installation project commissioned by sound:frame festival 2013, including cooperations with costume designers (Lisi Lang, Anita Steinwidder & co), architects (Gerald Moser & Christina Simmel), dancers (Sebastijan Geč & co) and photographer Andreas Waldschütz & co.
Creative Direction, Concept & AV Creation by Depart (Leonhard Lass & Gregor Ladenhauf)


Nothing can happen and it will.

where strings remain
and strains unchain
I stripped myself to pieces

I hollowed out
what doubt left out
and wrapped myself in creases

weave high and dry
Incense and rye
collapse to boundless groundings

immersed in flock
a swaying clock
a circle out of boundaries

part of and produced by sound:frame festival 2013