Cloud Chamber Diaries @ ACF New York


Austrian Cultural Forum NYC

exhibition opening on Wednesday SEP 12
5pm-6pm artist talks
6pm-8pm opening reception
10pm afterparty, Le Poisson Rouge

Our new work “Cloud Chamber Diaries” is part of the exhibiton “Against the Specialist” at the Austrian Cultural Forum NYC, alongside Konrad Becker, John Brill, Tina Franks / Florian Hecker, Robert Howsare, Rainer Kohlberger, Kurt Kren, Claudia M√§rzendorfer, Gerald Moser

Cloud Chamber Diaries
by Depart 2012
2 channel video installation, Full HD, 10’40”
Camera: Andreas Waldschuetz, Hair & Make Up: Jasmin Simak, commissioned by ACFNY

1) that which is out of itself
I thought aloud as a cloud could
like thickets of light would
erecting reflections
and noticing not a thing.

a thing which around itself settles into an opposite that has not been there before the thing has been there, although afterwards already seems like having existed before.
Before I notice what sinks behind me, from where I can, but won’t look at it, it would seem quite deliberate, is not and moves on, or not, I know [before I notice].
What it takes is circles of circles, but what for is not entirely made clear from being held in a spot – a spot of circumstantial lack of attraction leading to an avoidance leading to an absence that is me from behind again and not watching what is and stays there maybe watching me or being itself unable to what I am unable to, settled, and not doing the doable deliberately and therefore itself creating this blank out of nothing out of a circumstantial ignorance, a gaze unmet by chance, sinks.

2) the escalation of causality
a considerable condensation of nightlight
thickens into mist (gist of the latter)
The light weight of eyes upon me
night watch sight seeding
the obscene unseenery

3) that which faces
falling and failing to fall at all.
eyes look watching at me,
I see stares gazing through solids,
I scrutinize glimpses
observer of the obverse
in rows of mirrors
like facets of faucets

I’m tracking (signs of) symmetric trickery,
in looking glass zeroes,
and few rear view mimicry in reflective  sur-face fades, fake face assertions,
that appear to object to closures
a trick of inside mirrors, clearly
make objects disappear closer than they really aren’t