The Cloud Chamber Diaries


Cloud Chamber Diaries is based upon a vis-a-vis situation of two mirror-images - two screens facing each other - where causalities seem to shift constantly.
The protagonist (scientist-cum-medicine man-cum-pantomime) inhabits this space where he seemingly observes and/or controls a cloud like entity
or vice versa in a virtual ritual. The viewer is situated in the midst of the two screens, therefore takes part in the equation and is limited to viewing only one side of the situation properly, while the other lures at her/his back.
The work is loosely inspired by Schoenberg's War-Cloud-Diary, in which he tries systematically to relate cloud formations to day by day war developments.

commissioned by ACF New York

2 channel Video Installation
10m34s, loop



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Additional Credits
Andreas Waldschütz, Camera & Photography
Jasmin Simak, Hair & Make Up
Thomas Rath, Color Grading
Austrian Cultural Forum New York (Sep 13, 2012 - Jan 6, 2013)