our synapsisyntactical dewelloperawe

live A/V performance for synced fragmented audio & video, mostly improvised live

duration: variable

DEPART used patched reaktors and gems to craft and drill shimmering synthaestheoretic momentals in reeltime and space out. Twitching sound fragments and video snippets like twisted twins, DEPART’s first realtime audiovisual performance was a demanding but mandatory experience. intriguing combinations of flip-floppy hazardous movements in frequency and perspective, audiences were shocked and awed by the sheer force of what Kandinsky only could paint about in still images: audiovisual sculptures, proliferated, processed and projected in realtime.

PETARD was an alias used from 2003-2008.

Various live performances including:

Microsope Sessions , Dresden, Germany

Basics Festival 2004, Salzburg, Austria

Animac Festival 2004, Lleida, Spain

Cimatics Festival 2004, Bruxelles, Belgium

de-bug review