Being Odysseus



“Being Odysseus” – sirens in software, cyclops in code

Mellow-dram-o-rama for one performer and interactive motion-tracking stage with reactive audio/video, ca. 60 minutes

Odysseus, archetypical browser of land and sea, the i-am-a-wanderer galore, on his deathbedrock, performing the proverbial journey through important memories of his life, captain mnemo’s technological multimediary. Circe, Polyphem, Hades and a peculiar german scholar join in on the cruise of bruises. A reinterpretation of events based on ideas of Homer and Dante.

The interactive stage was built using EyeCon, a frame-grabbing motion-tracking software and DEPART’s weapons of choice at that time, NI Reaktor and PureData. The performer was able to roam freely, activating and influencing parts and aspects of the video and soundtrack. Specific zones of action were propelling the story and also changing the stage setup automatically.

“Being Odysseus” was DEPART’s first endeavour into realtime motion-tracking, realized in collaboration with Senselabor.

Commissioned by Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau, shown at CynetArt Festival 2004, Dresden, Germany

Performer: Georg Hobmeier

Video: Leonhard Lass

Sound: Gregor Ladenhauf