Des Gesprächfightfadens

“Des Gesprächsfightfadens”: word of the wings stutters & flutters a language re-de-re-construction performance for two performers, video backdrop, disillustrative commentary and sound duration: ca. 45 min. DEPART’s germanguage desastroy, a veritabledance lingo-limbo. Dramatized worldplayhem. A staged piece with toadloads of glimmericks fallinglong upwards from heaven’t scene and hertz beforeplay. In DEPART’s “Des Gesprächsfightfadens” there is no dramatic plot per se as in conventional theater, but there are recurring themes and ideas, more like in a musical composition. This work relies heavily on DEPART’s belief in the controlled overflow of sensoric input. The audience is supplied with a sheer mass of wordplay in order to provoke a struggle for perception and conscious processing of input. The more you struggle to get everything, the less interesting the piece will be. But if you are able to relax and let your thoughts wander freely, as in a kind of mediational state of mind, you might be able to grab one meaning here, or one there but go along with the flow of the piece easily. The goal of this endeavour is to create a certain state of consciousness where the seemingly superfluous and absurd action supporting the piece becomes a sort of focus […]
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