The Entropy Gardens x Mutek Virtual Exhibition

The Entropy Gardens (Alpha) Exclusive Download

As part of the Mutek Virtual Exhibition a limited alpha version of the VR Experience The Entropy Gardens is available for download from 8.– 20. Sept 2020.

This work has been commissioned by sound:frame and funded by the Vienna Business Agency & BKA (Pixel, Bytes & Film)

Technical Requirements

  • recent 64bit Windows 10 Computer
  • Nvidia 1080Ti Graphics Card or higher
  • HTC Vive Headset
  • Headphones
  • Active Internet Connection (for trial validity check)


  • This is a trial version that will stop working after 20 Sept 2020
  • This is an alpha version that is still in development. Therefore you might find bugs and incompatibilites and the performance is not optimised for generic hardware. Unfortunately we cannot offer any kind of tech-support right now – so use at your own responsibility.
  • The VR Experience contains flickering images and movements that might cause nausea, etc – use at your own risk and responsibility.
  • Your e-mail will be stored until the end of the trial period for reference purpose only – you will not get any unsolicited mails from us and we will not share your e-mail with any third party.
  • The download is free for personal use until 20 Sept 2020. Please delete afterwards, it will stop working.
  • A lack of hardware performance may lead to blank screens and jerky playback.
  • The VR Experience performs an online check at the beginning where it requires an active internet connection. No data is sent.
  • (c) by depart (Leonhard Lass, Gregor Ladenhauf). All rights reserved.


  • Download, unzip and double click the .exe
  • Make sure that you have an active internet connection for the validity check
  • VR-Controllers are not used, interaction is through gaze only
  • One iteration takes about 6-9min, after this it stops
  • If you take down your headset it restarts (goes back to the beginning)
  • Every iteration might be different :)
  • Enjoy!


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