Glyph is a projection sculpture with references to ritual monuments such as obelisks or stelas. It deals with cyclic change and constantly regenerates itself. An alphabet based on fundamental geometric shapes (rectangle, circle and triangle) acts as an communication device as well as a pure aesthetic element. All texts displayed are permanently evolving and restructured based on linguistic rules. The installation runs in realtime – the video shows a random segment recorded at schmiede 2011. Made with processing & reaktor supported by Subnet AiR, Schmiede, Polypod, Waldschuetz Photography , Show2Go, Holzcraft I glyph cleavage like man-high menhirs one line unbroken heading for a fold in the ministry of mist a high official locks the primary gate seals it thoroughly with wax as he does every evening thinking about molten rocks and flocks therof fold what you have at hand if nothing for a fold creates a separation that is an union that is a divide that is a joint for nothing is ever so insisting as an unbridged gap At the atoms’ of words nightly fission demounted scriptures let letters be and build. A Kohen’s head leaking kowtow prostration high I rise downlift in steadfast decline loose faith and lost […]
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Speculative Renaissance Draft

This is a first test of 3d-printing algorithmic shapes made with processing, flocking around a bird. I used the fluidforms library for STL output and meshlab for tidiness. Printed at the wonderful HappyLab in Vienna. @flickr
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