Rain Are In Clouds

“Rain Are In Clouds”: wirr singing and dancing in the brain 10 track A/V album for sound and realtime 3D proce55ing tbr 2009 where we come from there is always music in the eye “while I think, you make my heart sync.” The videos on this album are a combination of eletronic sound and abstract 3D shapes generated in realtime via the software processing ( The musical data is processed and transformed into shapes and movements, providing the viewer with the artists vision of what sound could look like if it was not merely air that is moving around us. The basic idea for each of the provided videos was to create “narratives” that would, albeit rather constructed and abstract, create an organic feel and a little bit of a story. Parts of the sound or also the musical composition are taken into account as “actors” on the visual stage. Playing and interacting with each other, they not only accompany but impersonate the sounds. What makes DEPART special is the combination of a visual and a sound artist working together really closely. In this way, not only the visual artist is creating a world of graphics but both are trying […]
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