Roaming Rooms

Room I — Mill   Room II – Turn Room III – Reception Screencaptures of our upcoming, collaborative installation “The House of Drift” presented as three tableaux vivants. grounded in roundtrips between ends and eaten away by orbiting bites – the holder of breaths the setter of suns the spender of nights and the raiser of voices the crosser of minds the broker of silences and the passenger of time the shifter of grounds the lector of intent and many more… Filming by Andreas Waldschütz Volkmar Geiblinger (Assistant & Light), Merlin König (Assistant & Light), Thomas Mairitsch (Helper), Su Noya (Costume Assistant), Steffi Lamm (Hair & Makeup), Adia Trischler (Styling), Lauren Cooke (Styling Assistant), Robert Hack (Documentation), Michael Merzlikar (Documentation) Performer/Models: Sebastijan Geč, Asher O’Gorman, Milan Loviška, Otto Krause, Raphael Nicholas, Mana Malek, Malika Fankha, Katrin Blantar, Laura Welzenbach, Gregor Ladenhauf, Silvio Canazei Polypod (VFX Consulting, Tracking and Rendering Facilities) Part of the Exhibition “The House of Drift” Produced by sound:frame festival in cooperation with MAK, 2013
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