A Hibernation in Doubt @ literatur lab

A well preserved winter in fooled bloom A restless forest – internal like an organ (And played alike) Ending, like always, with the sun. depart perfoms a poem literatur lab Thu 7.4.2011, 19.30h Brick-5, Fünfhausgasse 5, 1150 Wien free entrance literatur lab @ departure sound:frame come all
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In the woods, in winter.

We will be performing an AV poem at the sound:frame press conference. Salon5/Bricks, Fünfhausgasse 5, 1150 Vienna 13.01.2011, 19h a hibernation in doubt i sit here and ice eats me. … ——– made with processing and the exquisite geomerative lib. code upon request.
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YArrow is based on the I Ching (the book of changes) Our reintroprateration relies on the inherent symbolistic systematics and the interrelation of its de-parts. the receiver defines the message. so we trancelaid it all out anew for you towards what we read into it. We focruised around the lushwhack of a 4096-fold world & beat to the marrow of the yarrow stroke of luck. biased on this fundament we dewalloped 64 plowattic stories, fraudiovisusual zenarios, sidlent medidata on the dowser of babel, a cosmogenetic c0de to joy. Hexacrammed i-jingles of the blue dragon scry the moon baby on trigramcycles preprevented by particle systems. forebodementia. the red lots and lashes show the modus mutandi from a start-us-quote to the potendial I-CHANGE-6789. So, profate and forscythe !“ Yarrow Online
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