“Gespraum”: pathos of the inanimate in spatium mutans installation piece (loop: video, sound) duration: ca. 45 min. broom, sweep sweep sweep the room. rumbling & tumbling biedermeier blowup. Passers-by look through a window into a (projected) rooom, which is undergoing a constant change. It shows an unstable situation that is seemingly stripped bare of temporality and causality. Furniture, books and other objects are in a tilted state or thrown in the air by unnamed forces, suddenly frozen still. Chairs bursting into flames, salt trickling from the ceiling, black beads bubbling up from an orifice in the parquet… The constellation of objects in the projected room is changing constantly in such a manner that only the outer frame of the room (walls, doors, windows) is keeping still. A moving picture where often the speed of mutation is barely noticeable. Due to the style of production the video has a kind of slightly unreal quality, a doll’s house aesthetics maybe. There is no real reference of size and so an interpretation of the video as a documentary of real events is also constantly in doubt. A room as an output of the subconscious. The “Gespraum”, a psychoanalytic talk of a room with […]
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