The Eidolon Splits


The Eidolon Splits explores embodiment and the construction of human form and identity within a narrative realm. It reflects and embodies the screen as a portal and a contact surface both as a physical and a virtual device. The audience is taken on a bewildering journey while trying to figure out how to interact with this audiovisual installation full of ontological questions, thoughts and wordplay. In numerous surreal settings the story of a virtual character called Randolph and his encounters with the Eidolons - in fact 3D-scanned "sculptures" from the real world - is recounted, constantly changing and shifting perspectives, all the while setting a very specific and contemplative mood for the explorer. Where is the border between consciousness and it's perception, is there a limit to the self?  

commissioned by Node15 and Native Instruments
made with VVVV & Reaktor
supported by Fabberlounge Vienna, Satis&Fy

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installation view @ node15, next to quayola & woei/quadraturenode02

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