Δ Aurigæ

Δ Aurigæ (Delta Aurigae) is an installation which deals with the periodic coalescence of opposite aggregate states, based on and structured by the rhythm of a double star system like the constellation Auriga.

A world populated by meanders and monoliths, meteors and menhirs that draws inspiration from ancient astrology which was using rock formations and natural objects to decipher the universe and measure it’s cycles.

Delta Aurigae is a hybrid between installation and performance, a stage with a life of its own. In idle mode it shows a slow and majestic flow like a glacier, where fringes blur and relations vanish.

A monolith itself, Delta Aurigae is a 4.5m high triangle with a real-time projection.

Made with VVVV & Reaktor.


Installation View sound:frameInstallation View sound:frame


Installation View sound:frame