Chukwa’s Approach

Depart and Stefan Fraunberger present a new Performance in the series REVERB.ON in cooperation with Schmiede and Salzwelten Salzburg: Chukwa’s Approach.

Inspired by concepts of Minimal Music and especially by the work of La Monte Young (“The Tortoise, His Dreams And Journeys”) an orchestra of 53 people was playing a single chord throughout the whole performance. Situated about 100 meters below ground on a lake within a salt-mine the musicians and the audience are invited to experience the vibrancy of a mountain. On their 30 minute walk through the mountain to and from the underground lake the visitors would pass video installations based as well on the prime number structures of the musical chord.

Chukwa's Approach 9.mountb-0005616 Chukwa's Approach Chukwa's Approach Chukwa's Approach Chukwa's Approach Chukwa's Approach Chukwa's Approach Chukwa's Approach

Chukwa’s Orchestra:

Anlanger Petra,
Bacher Clemens,
Brachtel Benedikt,
Bruckmayr Didi,
Eigner Richard,
Estrela Paul,
Farangis Firozian,
Fraunberger Stefan,
Grandits Sebastian,
Grüner Markus,
Hochleitner Gudrun,
Hovdkinn Elise,
Johnson Oliver,
Kargl Sebastian,
Karlstetter Simon,
Kickinger Max,
Kindlinger Florian,
Kinschel Anna,
Klinger Hanna,
Ladenhauf Gregor,
Lass Elisabeth,
Lass Leonhard,
Lercher Daniel,
Mayr Timna,
Mone Miriam,
Movahedi Paul,
Nassall Angela,
Pfaffenberger Florian,
Preuschel Julian,
Pusa Saila,
Radauer Clemens,
Rauch Roman,
Rösch Paul,
Rosner Willibald,
Saudek David,
Sauer Birgit,
Schabmayr Bernhard,
Schauberger Anna,
Schlegel Martin,
Senz Gerhard,
Steiner Johann,
Strobl Doris,
Tischler Sarah,
Wedel Marco,
Zauner Paul,
Zeitlhofer Peter,
Zopf Robert,
Krisch Gabriele (Projectmanagement), Wassibauer Rüdiger (Schmiede Support), Lali the turtle

keywords: Performance, reverb.on, Schmiede, Salt Mine,