on & on & on, till the beak of yawn

play a loophole into your headpeace

performance for two piano players, projected video and stream of consciousness writing.

original composition (1893) by Erik Satie. duration ca. 1200 min.

our resume: Vexations is a challenge, a practical joke and a timemachine.


“Je m’appelle Erik Satie comme tout le monde.”

we perform satie.
we do it for us.
we do it for you.
we do it because it is not important to be done.
we do it because we would like to do it.
we are two people playing piano and one computing and showing the difference.
we will play it note for note.
you will hear it note for note.
afterwards nothing will be the same.
Short piano piece to be repeated 840 times. Performed at Schmiede Hallein 2007, first incantation of the Reverb.On Series featuring Dorian Concept.