Δ Aurigæ @ sound:frame


Δ Aurigæ – A performance constellation
produced by sound:frame AV & depart.

Fri 25.03.2011, 20:45 & 23:00
Sa 26.03.2011, 21:00 & 22:00

sound:frame festival opening weekend
Ottakringer Brauerei, Wien
sound:frame schedule

o-O-orbiting the delta skelta
In merry barycenter go-rounds.
Let’s build a whole city of glass houses, only a stone’s throw away
To regard the light night sky, dive drown
Dissolving  vis-à-vis-viva equators
In our monolitheral observatory.
We will, we will…

some work in progress stone samples, delta on the rocks that is:

Thanks to: sound:frame, Michael Grossauer & polypod, woei joreg & vvvv, leo & ben (Bildwerk), Pomme, Gerald Moser, Romana Kleewein

sound:frame festival opening weekend