The Lacuna Shifts

The Lacuna Shifts is a spatio-poetic VR Experience   The Lacuna is a volatile room that keeps changing around its guest – shifting in scale and mutating its architectural features – while revealing traces of poetic narratives. Loosely inspired by Lewis Carroll's Alice books The Lacuna shifts combines sound, text and imagery into an alternate surreality. Disembodied, the viewer’s gaze becomes the only instrument of connecting to this space - it leaves traces, activates and builds structures.    Instead of travelling through a world the world shifts around the spectator, at times covertly behind the back, sometimes in plain sight.  The Lacuna's architecture rejects its passive role as a trusted, immutable shelter and permits a physically impossible experience of poetic space and a reflection about the fragile relation of the beholder to her/his environment  Through the procedural nature of The Lacuna shifts you cannot enter the same room twice. Each viewer will experience a different "journey", manifesting different aspects based on her/his behaviour and the world's own erratic character.    Similar to current walking-simulators and narrative-exploration-games the virtual space becomes a mysteriously unpredictable parallel world in an area between deceiving spatial perception, acoustic hallucinations and hermetic wordplay. commissioned by sound:frame in cooperation with O.K. - Offenes Kulturhaus OÖ and Metro Kino Wien […]
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